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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For the love of vintage.......

I have a small love affair with junk, yes I admit it.... Although I have always loved decorating and creating, it was only a few years ago when that love turned to my current obsession with vintage... My style is always evolving and changing... As I am sure for everyone else out there, I am always on a new project around my house! My house is filled with history, every piece offers a glimpse into the past, many of my things are family pieces and just looking at them brings me back to those great memories of the people who owned them... I am grateful for the chance to keep them and one day pass down to my children....I love the thrill of the hunt and the giddyness of getting a great deal.... Searching out new places to find treasures, the list goes on.... Besides that, being head over heels in love with vintage has other perks too.... Meeting other vintage gals, finding life long friends through blogging, getting the oppurtunity to brainstorm with amazing people with the same passion on great projects, and the best reason.... Justifying to your husband that all those garage sales and ever growing pile of junk in the garage is worth it... Just take a moment and soak in all the wonderful websites and bloggers out there.... Doing what they love and sharing it with everyone.

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