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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where to start

Blogging is intimidating... I have never thought of myself as the writer type. I have always been better at expressing myself through my decorating and creating.. So this whole blogging thing will be true test.. I think the challenge of making myself break out of what is comfortable for me and try something new is exciting and scary all at once.. I spend hours drooling over all the creative people out there in blog land... They always seem to have it going on both with their written words and stunning photos.. So I am going to make a go of this.. I may not post everyday but I am going to try to at least do it once a week..
 So hopefully this year will become a great journey for me and I will meet some great blogging friends.. So come on in and sit awhile.. See what I am up to at Small Town Vintage...
Winter is so long here in Wisconsin... I find that I enjoy it for about a month and then it all unravels... The long cold days, no sunshine, kids cooped up in the house.. It's a recipe for disaster I tell you.... So when I am in the thick of my "winter blues" I start thinking up some new projects to pass the time... This Purse I whipped up last year for my outside decor and I loved it! So I am off to start a new project.. Next time I post, I will show you what I am up to!


  1. Katie...I think this is great!...Keep it up cause you will soon be busy with helping me decorate my studio/Gallery;)!

  2. Very nice Katie! Great pics too!